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Kate Polley

Kate with her surviving twin, Finn, and her youngest son Jude



Kate Polley lives in Cape Town, South Africa together with her husband and four children.

After experiencing the loss of one of her twin sons, Kate wrote her first book ‘Sam and Finn’ to share Sam’s story with her surviving twin, Finn, as
well as her family and friends. Demand for the book spread and it was published and distributed worldwide, providing hope and comfort to many
other families who had also suffered the devastating  loss of a twin. Through Kate’ dealings with bereaved families, she had many requests for
the book to be personalised with a family’s own child’s name. Hence, in collaboration with her publishers ‘Solopreneur Publishing’ the second,
personalised, non-twin specific version of the book was created. Since then there has been a whole range created of personalised child loss books created including the most recent ‘one of a twin’ version that mimics the original Sam and Finn book but with the names of the twins to be personalised.








Gail Powell lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and two border collies. She has two children of her own and runs a successful independent book publishing house. Due to her love of memoirs and the work with people to get their story out in book form, Gail was approached by the charity Bliss to help Kate Polley get her wonderful first book ‘Sam and Finn’ to a worldwide audience.  Kate was finding it difficult to cope with the demand for her book so Gail stepped in and became the UK and Rest of the World publisher and distributor for her book. It soon became clear that these books brought joy and hope to many families and after many requests to create personalised versions the team went about making it happen. It wasn’t an easy process but by working closely with the printers the book now boasts a whole range of versions for individual child loss, multiple loss and the ‘one of a twin’ version that mimics closely the original Sam and Finn version.





The range of personalized child loss books are a valuable resource for all who have experienced the tragic loss of a child, these books are the perfect way to share your own child’s story with your family and friends. A gentle story of hope, it will remind you that we can experience the love and joy of a loved one, even when they are no longer with us here on earth.