The Story of…Books referral progarm


Calling all charities, nurseries, schools, bereavement organisations and sympathy gift companies – worldwide!

We would love for you to become an ambassador for ‘The Story of Books’ series.

By doing so, you’d help us spread the word to all corners of the globe about the book’s availability.

You’d also earn commissions from sales for either your organisation / charity or for yourself.

Losing a loved one, particularly a child, is devastating for a family. When author, Kate Polley lost one of her twins, Sam, shortly after birth her thoughts turned to how she would explain his life and death to his surviving twin brother, Finn, and her other children. She created ‘Sam and Finn’ in order to keep Sam’s memory alive and also to bring hope and comfort to her family. The book was beautifully illustrated by a local artist, and as she shared its pictures and sentiments the book quickly became very popular amongst the many support groups, she was a member of. Soon many asked if they too could put their own child’s name on the book to help with their loss and to make the book personal to them and their families. Thus, ‘The Story of … Books’ personalised versions became a reality.

Today, the book range covers a variety of loss – from single and multiple child loss to adult loss; grandparents, parents, and friends. Every book can be personalised with names and in the case of the adults, the term of endearment used such as Papa, Momma, etc. Each book provides a beautiful tool for parents to teach young children to seek the many ways love can be found and fostered, even after the life of a loved one ends. It is also a powerful and encouraging message for adults, gently reminding those who are grieving, that our loved ones can be found in the world around us, in the little moments of our everyday lives, and in the love that remains.

There is also a generic range of books available that are not personalised and at a lower price point; The Story of My Baby Brother, My Daddy, My Sister etc.




We have now been able to set up a Referral Program which offers all individuals, charities, and organisations who are involved with loss of a loved one in any way to spread the word about these wonderful books and also earn £2 (approximately $2.5) per book from the sale of every personalised book and £1 per book for sales the generic non-personalised books.

All you need to do is simply share the unique link we provide for you with any prospective buyers.  To assist you in promoting the books you will have access to images and text to use along with your unique link.

We will also provide a login so you can keep an eye on your commissions. There is one-to-one help on hand if you have any questions or need help with anything at all.

We also have samples available if you would like to see an actual copy of one of the books printed?



Let us know if you are interested in promoting the book to your current customer or client base and we will send you out a full INFORMATION PACK about the Referral Program in order to get you started.

 Email – Gail Powell (Publishing Director) in the first instance –

and Gail will send out further information and arrange a Skype or phone call to answer any further questions you may have.

With thanks from ‘The Story of Books’ team