Sam’s Charity

Kate and Finn (Sam's Twin) 2016

Kate and Finn (Sam’s Twin) 2016

We are excited to introduce the ‘Sam Polley’ charity division of ‘The Story Of…’ book range.

This has been created as a way for us to give back and support the baby loss community here in South Africa, where the author, Kate Polley lives and where her son, Sam was born in 2010.

One of the main aims of our book range has always been to provide families, particularly those with young children, with an easy-to-understand book, which explains the death of a child in a simple and age appropriate manner.

Sadly one in four families experiences pregnancy or infant loss in South Africa, yet affordable bereavement support services and material are virtually non-existent. Socio-economic conditions and lack of funds mean most families who lose a baby or child in South Africa are left to struggle alone with their grief, most often with little or no assistance.

When Sam died, even the hospital staff at the private maternity unit where he was born, seemed ill-equipped to deal with such a loss and no resources were offered to Kate or her family. This was the driving force behind Kate’s initial book, ‘Sam and Finn’ which she wrote for her other children to explain Sam’s life and death to them.

The ‘Sam Polley’ charity division of ‘The Story Of…’ books has taken the challenge to change this situation in South Africa! We are committed to supplying generic, non-personalised, ‘The Story of My Brother’ and ‘The Story of My Sister’ versions of our books to maternity, pediatric and other related charities and institutions for their own in-house use as an educational bereavement tool for grieving families.

How can you help us make this possible?

A percentage of profits from generic book title sales will go towards the printing and distribution of books within South Africa.

Any donation will be gratefully received, and we’ll be publishing regular updates and photos as we make this valued resource available to South African families in need.