Special Edition – One of a twin books

Special Edition: 'The Story of...your own special twin' (any version)

£28.00 (plus worldwide shipping)

The Special Edition version of 'The Story of...your own special twin' allows you to make your book even more personal and precious to you and your family.

  • Upload a photograph, which will be printed on the first page, and be visible on the cover through the cut out window
  • Make your own personal dedication to your lost loved one which will be printed below the photograph on the first page
  •  The beautiful images and words from our standard books remain exactly the same throughout the rest of the pages.

We have two versions of the twin books.   One is more subtly aimed towards loss of a twin in the womb or at birth (IU/newborn) and the other version is aimed towards the loss of a twin as a baby or young child (baby/child)

 You can see inside the original books by clicking on the buttons to the left.  The examples do not show the special edition cover and first page.  An example of the new cover and first page can be seen below.

Please note: The Special Edition books will be printed in one batch at the start of December - in time for a Christmas delivery (worldwide).  We need to receive your order and photograph by November 30th to enable us to print and ship your book before Christmas.  The Special Edition books will not be dispatched before December 2017.


1  Choose the book type you prefer from the options below

2  Click the buy now button or click on your preferred image type

3  Enter your name and address details

4  Make payment (via Paypal or credit/debit card)

5  Complete the personalisation form.  We will ask you

     a  Your preferred book type (from the options below)

     b  Your child's name details

     c  The words for your personal dedication

6  You will be emailed details on how to send us your photograph once the order has been fully submitted.

Special Edition: 'The Story of...your own special twin' (any version)
£28.00 (plus worldwide shipping)

Example of cover and first page


IU/newborn twin Boy - Fair skin

IU/newborn twin Boy - Dark skin

IU/newborn twin Girl - Fair skin

IU/newborn twin Girl - Dark skin

Baby/child twin Boy - Fair Skin

Baby/child twin Girl - Fair skin