The Story of… your own special female relative or friend

This personalised book has been created especially for you, your family and friends to read and share. It has been designed as both a keepsake memory book and to help bereaved families.

It is a story of hope which will remind you that we can experience the love and joy of a loved one, even when they are no longer with us here on earth.

Please see example by clicking the button on the left – all books are the same inside, but you choose the female image.


Please click on the preferred image below. When ordering, you can add any term of endearment plus the first and family name for the cover. Just the term of endearment and first name will be used inside.

For example, Grandma Joan Smith (cover) Grandma Joan (inside), Mamma Brenda Walker (cover) and Mamma Brenda (inside), Auntie Susie Westbury (cover) Aunty Susie (inside), Best-friend Jenny-Anne Rogers (cover) Best-friend Jenny-Anne (inside).  This is just a few examples – the choice of title and name is up to you.